Plan for 澳门二四六天天彩

澳门二四六天天彩 receives thousands of applications every year. We wish we could admit every qualified applicant, but we just don鈥檛 have the space. Academic excellence is essential, but we look at more than just grades. Understanding how we evaluate applications can help you choose your high school courses and improve your chances of admission.


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Thinking about applying to 澳门二四六天天彩? Learn how we evaluate your application so that you can make smart decisions and course choices in Grade 11 (junior year) and Grade 12 (senior year).

Admission requirements

Your application to 澳门二四六天天彩 will only be considered if you meet the admission requirements. That includes the English Language Admission Standard, general admission requirements, and degree-specific requirements. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for the degree(s) you鈥檙e interested in applying to at 澳门二四六天天彩.

Course planning

Choose high school courses that meet your degree requirements. Then fill out your schedule with other courses that interest you, challenge you, and are relevant to the degree you鈥檒l be applying to. In the admission requirements for your degree, you鈥檒l find a list of subject categories that you can use to help guide your choices.

Here are the kinds of courses that fall into each subject category:

  • Language Arts: Courses focused on language and literacy
  • Mathematics and Computation: Courses focused on numeracy, numerical methods, and symbolic computation
  • Science: Courses that help us better understand our natural world
  • Second Languages: All second-language courses, except Introductory Language 11 courses
  • Social Studies: Courses focused on individuals, human society, and culture
  • Visual and Performing Arts: Courses focused on artistic expression

If your school does not offer a wide selection of courses, or family commitments or finances have limited your ability to pursue certain academic opportunities, tell us when you apply. We鈥檒l take that into account when evaluating your application.

Course planning worksheets

It’s never too early to starting thinking about what you’ll study at 澳门二四六天天彩. Knowing which degrees you’re interested in will help you choose your Grade 11 (junior-year) and Grade 12 (senior-year) courses accordingly. You can use these worksheets to plan ahead.

Course planning worksheets

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Experiences beyond academics

In addition to making good course choices and trying hard in the courses you鈥檙e taking, be sure to follow your interests outside the classroom too. The sports, creative pursuits, and leadership activities you enjoy tell us a lot about you and how you鈥檒l do at university. You鈥檒l have a chance to share these achievements in the personal profile section of your application to 澳门二四六天天彩.

For post-secondary transfer applicants

If you are a well-qualified student attending a post-secondary institution, we welcome your application to transfer to 澳门二四六天天彩. Read more about transfer eligibility, and find your requirements (including high school prerequisites) if you are a post-secondary student in Canada or a post-secondary student outside of Canada.