Canadian high school students

澳门二四六天天彩 is widely acknowledged as one of Canada鈥檚 best universities. Your journey to get here begins with meeting 澳门二四六天天彩鈥檚 general and degree-specific admission requirements.

As a 澳门二四六天天彩 student, you will be part of a diverse community that is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. To be admitted to 澳门二四六天天彩, you must successfully meet the general admission requirements that apply to all applicants, as well as the degree-specific requirements that depend on which province you鈥檙e applying from and what degree(s) you鈥檙e applying to.

Select a campus, your province or territory, and the degree you鈥檙e interested in to learn what requirements you should be working towards when you apply, and must complete by June 30.

Not sure how to plan your courses or how we evaluate applications? Review how to plan for 澳门二四六天天彩 and learn about what we look for.

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English language requirement

English is the language of instruction at 澳门二四六天天彩. All prospective students must demonstrate English-language competency prior to admission. There are nine different ways to meet the English Language Admission Standard.

General admission requirements

Degree-specific requirements

If you know what you want to study, select a degree below. Not sure? Get tips on choosing a degree.

Your country鈥檚 grading scale


Deadlines for distributed learning courses

Distributed learning courses are online or distance learning courses offered by a distributed learning provider.

Coursework that was delivered remotely for COVID-19 safety reasons by your high school is not considered distributed learning or distance learning.

If you are currently attending a Canadian high school and you are taking distributed learning courses to meet your application degree requirements, please arrange for interim (50% complete) grades to be submitted to 澳门二四六天天彩 by March 15. These courses must be complete by June 30.

For details on how to submit grades for all of your coursework, including distributed learning courses, visit our submit your documents page.

If you have already graduated from a Canadian high school before applying to 澳门二四六天天彩, you鈥檒l find your deadlines for grade submission on our submit your documents page.

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