Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program

The 澳门二四六天天彩 Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program assists Black Canadian students who are transitioning to 澳门二四六天天彩 from secondary school or another post-secondary institution. The purpose of the program is to financially support academically qualified students who show an interest in joining and contributing to the 澳门二四六天天彩 community at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, but who would not be able to attend without significant financial assistance. Through the program, new students can access renewable awards of up to $80,000.


More than award recipients, 澳门二四六天天彩 Beyond Tomorrow Scholars聽participate in a range of programming and supports designed for them to thrive at 澳门二四六天天彩. .



To be considered for the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Award:

  • You must self-identify as Black (African, African-American, African-Canadian, Afro-Caribbean)
  • You must be a strong academic student and meet all 澳门二四六天天彩 admissions requirements.
  • You must demonstrate financial need.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person in Canada.
  • You must be entering directly from high school or transferring from another post-secondary institution.
  • You must apply to a direct entry undergraduate program at 澳门二四六天天彩, and not have a previous degree.

Although you can specify two undergraduate degree choices in your application to 澳门二四六天天彩, your award application will only be considered for your first-choice campus and degree.

How to apply

  1. Submit your by December 1.
  2. Complete the and select the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Award by December 1 December 15 (deadline extended).


What to include

A completed Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Application will include the following:

  • Student Application Form
  • Description of Circumstance (maximum 1,000 words)
    A statement outlining your personal, family, and financial situation that makes it necessary for you to apply for this award. Please explain your personal circumstances as an individual who self-identifies as Black and your involvement and contribution to your school, community, or family, and your interest in joining and contributing to the 澳门二四六天天彩 community. You must also describe how receiving this award and community of support through the program will impact your personal situation and your goals at 澳门二四六天天彩.
  • Parent/Guardian Form
    This is to provide information on your family鈥檚 finances, and is required for students who have been attending high school within the past 48 months. If you are not in contact with your parent/guardian or are unable to submit a parent/guardian form, you can explain your situation in your Description of Circumstance.
  • Reference Form
    Your personal reference must be well acquainted with you, and able to comment on your character, interest in 澳门二四六天天彩, and financial circumstances. Your reference could be 鈥 but is not limited to 鈥 a coach, a teacher, your counsellor, your principal, your supervisor from a work or volunteer position, your family doctor, or a community or religious leader.

Deadline to apply

Completed Entrance Award applications, including the Student Application Form, Description of Circumstance, Parent/Guardian Form (if applicable), and Reference Form, must be received by聽December 1 December 15 (deadline extended). A completed 澳门二四六天天彩 Admission Application must be received by December 1.


澳门二四六天天彩 will contact the majority of Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Award recipients by聽May 15. Only successful award applicants will be contacted.